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My School Essay Writing

By Hafsa - 3 January 2021

The name of my school is Chan Churi Purulia High school. It is in Kalia Upazila. It is one of the best schools in this Upazila. Our school is situated beside Purulia-Narail road.

My School Essay Writing For SSC Exam 2021

My School Essay

My school is a very big high school. It is a two-storeyed building. We have twenty-five rooms in all. There are the Headmasters room, the teacher’s room, the library room, and the prayer room. There are sections in all the classes. The school has a hostel. There is a big field in front of our school.

There are twenty-nine teachers in our school. They are sympathetic to us. They teach us with care. Most of the teachers are higher educated and trained. Our Headmaster is an M.A.B.Ed. He is a man of strict principle. There are six hundred students in our school. Most of the students are Muslims. The rest of them are Hindus. The results of our school are very good. Every year a good number of students pass the S.S.C examination. Some students obtain junior scholarships every year.

The school has a big playground. We play football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and other games. In inter-schools games and sports, my school earns a reputation every year. There is a big library in the school. The library has more than thirty thousand books. The librarian guides us in the choice of books. The school has other facilities like the red cross-team, cadet, scouts. It has an excellent tiffin system.

The school observes some annual functions such as the annual sports, the prize-giving ceremony, the annual Milad, the Shahid day, and other national functions. Every day the national flag is hoisted on the top of the educational building. My school is one of the renowned schools in the district. We are really proud and happy that we read in such an ideal school.

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